Kandylane.com: Is kandylane Legit or Another Scam Website?

kandylane website review

Where online shopping is of great help at the same time, it is a big challenge.

It is not easy to trust a website or any other social pages which offer various deals because the internet is exploding with scammers. While choosing any platform, we need to be very diligent.

Among the shopping trends, the shoe market is popping up on the internet.

To help the shoe lovers and protect them from fraudulent websites, I decided to write this review of the Kandylane website, offering top-notch quality shoes. I am so concerned about picking the right pair of shoes as shoes are judging personalities.

It has never been easy to shop for shoes online, but after having a lot of experience, I visited the Kandylane website, and after that, I don’t need to waste my time searching for the best shoe online store.

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I open up the browser and visit this website to get high-graded, comfortable, and luxury shoes for myself. If you are keen to know about the website’s legitimacy, then give this article a read.

Little bit About Kandylane.com

kandylane fashion flat boots

Kandylane serves best in trending, hot sellers of women’s shoes around the world. The variety of footwears vary from casual to luxury, flat to high heels, sleepers to sneakers, and simple to fancy.

The website has a short turnaround and delivers the items within 15 to 20 days. Not just this, but if you feel uncomfortable wearing Kandylane footwears, they offer exchange and return within seven days.

The customer services and support they offer is the best thing I looked here. Unlike other websites, you do not need to make calls, again and again, to get your size changed or to exchange your received product.

On their website, they have added guides with every detailed information about their exchange and refund policy.

The Legitimacy of Kandylane Website

is kandylane a scam website

Kandylane website set the feet in the online market competition in October 2020 with an idiosyncratic visualization of products.

The store is pilled up with uniquely designed and eye-catching footwear that are not just visually captivating but are of top-notch quality.

To please their customers, they have offered exciting discounts along with a “buy one get one” offer, which is always attractive to the customers. These discounts change over time.

The kandylane is struggling hard to expand their services all around the world by reaching a maximum number of customers. For this, they have initiated their Instagram page and welcomed thousands of customers which means their authentic services and top-tiering products are worthy of buying.

The website is indeed entirely new to the online market platform, but with all the services they promise and all the impressions they portray, one can trust the legitimacy of this website.

People’s Reviews about Kandylane Website

As I mentioned before, the Kandylane store does not have regular reviews at the moment, but their Instagram progress depicts its successful movement on the social platform.

The growing followers mean their products are being liked and loved by the community of potential and actual buyers.

Other than this, their visual appeal and unique designs also speak about their authentication. While visiting the online store, I didn’t find any repetitive or copied design, so I guess this makes the business stand in the competition, and they worth to be given a chance.


Every business takes some time to get in the competition and then getting the customer flow. Similarly, Kandylane website is a new online store that is trying to serve the best in footwear.

Before ordering something, I choose to read the reviews and question/ answers sections to make my mind clear about the authentication of the provider and deliverables.

Kandylane website store does not have any reviews yet, but the way they are dealing with makes a positive impression.

Right now, I cannot misguide my readers; neither do I make a negative impression of a struggling business. But You can judge the legitimacy with their highly explained terms and conditions and policies.

So here I would like you to visit the website yourself and judge them; otherwise, you can wait for some rich customer reviews on the website. If I would be the buyer I would love to order at least one pair from them.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying fashion flat boots from this website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like eBay. If you already bought it please share your review and help others.

    • 3 years ago

    Hi Miranda, I received my order but it was not exactly the same i was ordered.

    • 3 years ago

    where is my order, i want my money back

    • 3 years ago

    scam site don’t buy anything from here

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