Modavivo Clothing Reviews: Beware of Scam Signals

Modavivo, despite its promising display of clothing, shoes, and accessories at unbelievably low prices, is an outright scam. This deceitful online store often dispatches counterfeit or substandard products—or worse, nothing at all.

Modavivo Clothing Reviews
Modavivo Clothing Reviews

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Modavivo Clothing Reviews, including their products, pricing, shipping, and refund policies.

Overview of Modavivo Clothing

Modavivo is a premium clothing brand that offers a wide range of iconic jackets, clothing, accessories, and home decor. From classic leather jackets to cozy sweaters, Modavivo’s collection caters to both men and women, providing a diverse selection of clothing options for every occasion.

Modavivo Clothing Reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

Positive Reviews

  • Joseph Johnston loves Modavivo’s clothing quality and style. The jackets are well-made, receiving numerous compliments. Worth the investment!
  • Izabella Hamilton adores the sweater; it’s soft, comfortable, and fits perfectly, becoming a wardrobe favorite for high-quality clothing seekers.
  • Athena Wood praises Modavivo’s top-notch home decor craftsmanship, a beautiful addition to her living room, garnering many compliments.

Negative Reviews

  • Mariana Mitchell faced size issues with smaller-than-expected clothing, recommending careful size guide checks before purchase.
  • Joanna Sanders experienced delayed shipping (nearly two weeks) and unhelpful customer service, suggesting better communication and faster shipping.
  • Heidi Rogers encountered poor quality in a bag purchased from Modavivo; the stitching unraveled quickly. Disappointed with delayed customer service response and expected better quality.

Red Flags of Modavivo Clothing

  1. Recent Website Creation: The domain for Modavivo was registered on 22 August 2023, a telltale sign of a short-lived scam site aiming to deceive customers.
  2. Dubious Ownership: Modavivo’s parent company is notorious for running numerous fraudulent online stores, exploiting unsuspecting buyers.
  3. Lack of Address and Contact Details: The absence of a physical address or contact number raises suspicions, as reputable companies typically provide these details for customer trust.
  4. Unrealistic Offers: Modavivo advertises unrealistic discounts, enticing customers with free shipping over $99 or discounts exceeding 70-80%, a tactic common among scammers.
  5. Plagiarized Content: Most of Modavivo’s content and product images are pilfered from legitimate stores like Alibaba and Amazon, signifying a lack of originality and credibility.
  6. Weak Social Media Presence: The low-quality content and minimal engagement on Modavivo’s Facebook page, with only 147 followers, hint at a lack of focus on customer satisfaction.
  7. Customer Complaints: Reports include poor-quality clothing, late or missing orders, unresponsive customer service, and unauthorized credit card charges.

Pros and Cons



  • Stylish Designs: Modavivo offers trendy and stylish clothing options appreciated by some customers for their modern aesthetics and appeal.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Positive reviews highlight the craftsmanship of certain items, acknowledging well-made products and attention to detail.
  • Home Decor Selection: Customers praise the quality and design of home decor items, considering them top-notch additions to their spaces.


  • Sizing Challenges: Some customers face issues with clothing sizes being smaller than expected, necessitating careful size guide checks before purchase.
  • Shipping Delays: Complaints about shipping delays, with orders taking longer than anticipated, impacting customer satisfaction due to prolonged wait times.
  • Quality Concerns: Reports of poor quality in certain products, such as unraveling stitching in bags, raising doubts about durability and longevity.

Personal Experience of Shopping at Modavivo

I recently had a negative experience shopping at Modavivo. I ordered a dress from their website, and when it arrived, I was very disappointed with the quality. The dress was poorly made and looked nothing like the picture on the website. The fabric was cheap and thin, and the seams were poorly sewn. I was also disappointed with the customer service at Modavivo. When I tried to return the dress, they were very unhelpful and refused to give me a refund. Overall, I would not recommend shopping at Modavivo.

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Is Modavivo Clothing Legit or a Scam?

Undoubtedly a scam. There’s no evidence of reliability or authenticity in its dealings. Numerous customers faced either non-delivery or subpar products, coupled with non-existent customer service for refunds or exchanges.

Actions if You’ve Shopped on Modavivo

  • Contact Financial Institution: Alert your bank to cancel transactions and block further charges.
  • Change Passwords: Secure your accounts, especially if you’ve used the same password elsewhere.
  • Watch Out for Phishing Emails: Delete suspicious emails and avoid clicking on any links.
  • Avoid Downloading Apps: Refrain from installing any applications suggested by Modavivo.

Final Thoughts on Modavivo

Steer clear of Modavivo and similar sites displaying these red flags. Avoid the risk of financial loss and data compromise by staying away.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping on New Websites

  1. Research site reputation and customer feedback.
  2. Look for secure website connections (HTTPS with a padlock symbol).
  3. Review return and refund policies before purchase.
  4. Opt for secure payment methods.
  5. Limit personal information during checkout.

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