My Turtle Store Reviews: Can You buy Tortoise From It?


Online shopping always comes with risk, but my turtle store’s alluring little tortoises make you want to get one. What is my turtle store? It is an online store that deals with various species of tortoises. This store is becoming more famous by the day, and you can see many sponsored posts from this store. The platform claims to offer quality things at the best rates. It has also shared its shipping and return policies, which is a good sign. But can you rely on these new names? Today we will do my turtle store reviews and find out if this brand is as good as it looks.

Indeed, online shopping is a great thing to do. But it always comes with consequences. How can you ignore the drawbacks of shopping? Many users face issues with quality turtles, accessories, and refunds. Sometimes they do not even get your desired thing.

In this writing, we have tried to cover each aspect of this brand. We will focus on customer feedback, the pros, and the cons. We will also discuss shipping and return policies.

What is the best website to buy turtles from?


Indeed online shopping can cause some scams. But when it comes to living species, you must be very careful. Here is the list of the website from where you can buy the turtles

  1. Petco. Check On Petco. 
  2. Amazon. Check On Amazon. 
  3. My Turtle Store. Image Source: 
  4. Backwater Reptiles. Image Source: 
  5. PetSmart. Image Source:
  6. TurtleStore.Com. Image Source: 
  7. The Turtle Source. 
  8. CB Reptile.

About My Turtle Store


The turtle society has been in the business of raising, collecting, and breeding unique and rare turtles for over forty years. They have kept around one hundred tortoise and turtle species, keeping one of the best available selections.

It is the primary supplier to numerous:

  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Zoos
  • Museums
  • Aquariums  

educational facilities. 

For the amateur enjoying live tortoises and turtles and the supplies required. They offer species to work for both:

  •  the beginner 
  •  the most experienced hobbyist alike.

To guarantee that their turtle and tortoise live in the best health they

  • Keep all the turtles in the soundest and most pristine place possible with the top standards
  • Feed turtles the natural diet
  • Hibernate tortoise in strict temperature-measured environs
  • Never keep various species in a single place
  • Only keep a number of turtles in each cell

With, you get:

  1. The Quality Animals
  2. Lowest UPS shipping rates 
  3. An industry 1st “ten days health guarantee on animal orders.”
  4. A name that anyone can trust
  5. Combined with around 40-plus years of experience with turtles or tortoises

Turtle and Tortoise at this store

FAQs At My Turtle Store


Is there a discount?

  • 20% Off Your Entire Order 
  • Use Code ” Give Me 20 ” at checkout

What is their return policy?

for returns made within fourteen days of the shipment date. They will issue buyers a refund in the same form as the original payment. 

Do they offer free shipping?

There is no information about it.

Is My Turtle Store a USA-based brand?

There is no data about it

How do you contact them?

Online Orders Only

E-Mail Us:

Do they offer a free return?

There is no data about it.

Does My Turtle Store offer a health guarantee?

 The turtle or tortoise should perish within our 10-day health guarantee.

How long does it take to get a turtle from my turtle store?

They do their best to have the order shipped within 2 to 4 working days. Nevertheless, they do reserve the right to take up to 7 -10 working days to send the order.

Is My Turtle Store safe to order a turtle online?

It is likely to be easier to buy turtles online. Why is that so? It can because they can stay shipped without issues as long as the temperature is right. Just be sure to buy these turtles from a reliable source. Otherwise, the animal may not remain healthy.

My Turtle Store Reviews: The feedback from the buyers


There are many great reviews about the website on their official site.

5.0 star rating

very good service. Cute and alert turtles I will continue to buy from this store.

I would like a one-time shipping cost instead of having to pay double when I thought everything was finalized and I could just wait on my package. But I know this is better than going to a physical store. I believe they are doing a wonderful job and caring for the animals they are selling. I just would like something straightforward when it comes to reading more about the review, stating I would like a 1.

Feedback On SiteJabber

 One of the buyers stated, “They won’t answer the phone, won’t return emails, and I’ve been trying to get in touch with anyone for an update on my order status and can’t get anyone to even return a reply.” At this point, I don’t know what to do; money was transacted, but as of now the product has not shipped. Beyond frustrated!”

Another buyer states “I ordered three turtles from the site. Later, after I placed my order, I found the not-so-good reviews of the company. I expected the worst. But everything went fine. I could track the shipping, and they arrived well and are happy turtles now. I would have given 5 stars, but the way the turtles are packed and shipped just rubbed me the wrong way. “It doesn’t look very animal friendly to me, but that’s me.”

Pros and Cons


  • It has a variety of turtles options.
  • The rates are fine.


  • On the site jabber, it only has 2-star rating

Is My Turtle Store Trustworthy?

My Turtle Store has a buyer rating of one star from two reviews, showing that most buyers are generally unhappy with their buys. My Turtle Store ranks around 308th among pet sites.

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