Pleshey Space Buddy Reviews: Is It a Legit Website?


Are you fond of different night lights? Do your children love to visit space? Do they want to move out to see other galaxies? Children and elders both love such science. They have a specific thing for it. Many different lights in your room make it more aesthetic as well. Thus, pleshey space buddy brings you both light and space feeling altogether.

Pleshey space buddy reviews are known to be a space partner. You can get different colored lights that will take you to another world. It is the best way to enhance children’s interest in science and space. But are these space buddies legit? Thus, we bring you pleshey space buddy reviews to find out if they work well or are just a scam.

We will look into its workings and specifications of it. Moreover, we will enlist all the pros and cons as well.

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About pleshey space buddy

Pleshey space buddy is a toy available online. It is just like a robot and is specially designed for space lovers. It helps you draw galaxies on your wall with different colors. These lights are just like stars in space and rotate in a direction.

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You can get these pleshey space buddies in various colored lights. The outer body is the same but differs in its projections. They are most likely available online at the official website of pleshey. They can easily be carried from one place to another.

Features of pleshey space buddy 


Let us look at the details of this pleshey space buddy and see what it offers.

Multiple galaxy effect

You can choose from eight different colors for your galaxies. It will provide a multicolored effect according to your choice.


It offers two different modes. One is a nebula, which projects colors, and starlight mode enhances the number of stars in your galaxy.


The space buddy comes with smart control. It will help you control the speed of the stars as well as the brightness.

Time duration

The space buddy can project these dimensions in your room for either 40 minutes or 80 minutes. Time can be further adjusted by smart control.

Projection angle

The galaxy effect is projected at a 360-degree angle. You can adjust it however you like.

Available colors

You can get a multicolored galaxy effect. Thus, eight mixed colors include red, blue, green, and black with green. Various colors like pink, blue, green, and red are also in the mixture. 

What does the package include?


You can get the following items in a single delivery:

  • Remote control for speed control.
  • A micro USB power cable for constantly charging it whenever needed.
  • The space buddy projector.
  • An instruction manual for setting up and using details

How to use pleshey space buddy?

It is easy to use. Let us enlist the steps below:

  • You need to set up the space buddy.
  • Then charge it using the computer’s USB port.
  • Then put it at an angle where you want to see the lights in your room.
  • Set the projection degree.
  • Now use the remote to control the light and speed effects.

Price Range

The space buddy will cost you about $119. However, it seems a bit pricey but good for such a one-time investment. You only have to buy it once and use it for years.

Discount Range

Currently, the pleshey space buddy is available at an unbelievable discount. Now you can get it for $59 only. Thus, this flat 50% discount is a must-steal, and you should avail of it.

Customer reviews: Are they satisfied?

We looked at the official website and saw many good reviews. One user says, “Very bright light, good quality astronaut. Very happy!” Another one claims that “The Space buddy completely changed the vibe of my room. Thanks, Pleshey! 



  • It comes with a remote control
  • You can easily adjust it
  • An amazing discount is available
  • It has good reviews


  • It will only work for one to two hours
  • The battery timings are slightly shorter



Do they come with batteries? 

No, you need to buy 2 AAA batteries for it yourself.

Are there any deals available?

Yes, you can get the following deals:

  • Buy 2 and save 15%
  • Buy 3 and save 20%
  • save 25% and Buy 4

Does it shine only on the ceiling?

It depends on where you have placed it. It will cover a wide area if placed far away from the ceiling.

Final verdict 

We bring you pleshey space buddy reviews to find a good space light. It comes in different colors. The remote can adjust the speed. The battery lasts about an hour or more and is best for your children. It gives a cool yet aesthetic vibe to the room. The users are pretty happy and have posted their room pictures as well. An amazing deal is going on, which is a steal. Thus, it is the best gift for your children or yourself.

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