Quantifog Shop: Is It a Legit Website?


Don’t we all love easy things in life? Certain small things make our lives easier. There are many small tasks that you can do more easily with such items. However, it is hard to find such appliances. Many online stores may offer these items, but where can you find them?

Quantifog shop is one such platform that brings you many different things. They mostly launch regular-use small appliances that tend to help you do work. But people usually wonder if such online things are reliable. So, we bring you quantifog shop reviews to determine whether it is worth your time and money.

Today we will take you into the details of the quantifog shop website and its specifications. Later, we will enlist all the pros and cons.

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About Quantifog shop


Quantifog shop is an online platform that deals in retail sales. It offers you almost everything you require in your daily routine. They offer professional customer services along with low-quality articles. They have reasonable prices and a wide selection of items from which to choose. 

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This online retailer shop claims that customer services are their top priority, with free or at least low cost of transportation. They offer lower costs without discomforting the buyers with shipping charges. Deliveries are quick and direct to your doorstep by a quantifog shop.

Available items at the quantifog shop


Let us look at the details of the things quantifog shop offers their customers.

Pet cameras

Using these mini devices, you can now keep an eye on your pet from anywhere. These cameras help you know what they are up to every time you’re away.

Portable screens

These screens help you give your children another easy way to watch cartoons and movies. You can even take them on a picnic or anywhere else.

Plier devices

Your daily household requires a little treatment over time. Thus, these pliers are multifunctional and can eventually help you deal with many problems.

Remote control scooter

This scooter has a seat and a proper basket to move around and go for groceries or related stuff.

Data cable stand

This data cable stand is 4 in 1. You can use it for normal as well as C-type cables. It gets easier to carry different cables in a single box.

Other devices at Quantifog Shop

They have many other cool gadgets, like a suction pump light, smart fan, magnetic phone holder, and much more.

Quantifog Shop details


We looked for details about the quantifog shop website. However, the whois shows that they cannot reveal any information about it. The data will be visible on the Whois website within thirty days.

Price range

Every article has a different price range. Smaller ones, for example, cost less than $20. However, larger appliances like smart fans may cost up to $50.

Discount Range

They do not offer an overall discount on the website. Rather, discounts are present on limited items like pliers. The discount ranges from 47% to 86%. Thus, you can get some good things here in a reasonable range.

Address Details

They have provided the following address on the Quantifog Shop.

“372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC1B SHJ, United Kingdom.

However, Google Maps shows a Meledo Company at this location, which has bad reviews. Thus, it is the same company with a fake website or a nearby store. 

Shipping Charges

The parcel is shipped within 15 to 20 days of the order. Moreover, the shipping charges are not applied if your order is $35 or above. 

Payment Methods

You can pay with PayPal. If you do not have an account, you can even use a debit or credit card. It eases your mode of payment, and you can easily checkout.

Customer reviews Of Quantifog Shop

We looked at the Quantifog shop’s official website and TrustPilot to see what other customers thought. The website is barely two days old, so even whois still needs to update the data. Thus, they do not have any ratings due to low traffic and little knowledge about this platform.



  • Some good things for daily use are available
  • The prices are good
  • A reasonable discount is live right now


  • The website is new
  • There are no reviews of it
  • The address detail needs to be corrected in the contact section

Final Verdict

We bring you quantifog shop reviews to find a good shopping platform. It offers you unique items that are not to be found anywhere else. However, we are still determining the quality and what they will send you. The main reason is that it has no comments, as there are no users. So, instead of being their first customer, do look for some good reviews from others before ordering from the quantifog shop.

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