Top 5 Best USB Wall Chargers That You Need to Purchase Right Away!

Top 5 Best USB Wall Chargers That You Need to Purchase

Did you know: On average, mobile phone users tap their phone screens 2,617 times a day! and why wouldn’t it be this way?

It’s the tech era and all of us have one gadget or the other in hand 24/7! Whether its a cell phone or an iPad or even a digital camera, you need it alright to stay in the loop of what’s happening around the world!

Take a look around, we are living in a world full of gadgets! Your workplace, your home, your vehicles are all adorned with a gadget or two.

Here’s a catch though!

Excessive gadget usage requires excessive charging which is why having a USB wall charger is really a no-brainer. Because really, the last thing you want is low battery when you have to make an important call or watch the latest episode of your favorite show. Having a quality USB wall charger resolves all these problems.

Currently, the market is saturated with different types and quality of chargers. But hey, some of these chargers end up reducing your cell’s battery life, others simply get short circuited. So you need to do excessive research and spend time on internet to make a wise buying decision.

Worry no more as we have researched and put forth a comprehensive list of 5 best USB wall chargers that are not only faster, but also extremely affordable and powerful. Let’s begin:

#1 – RAVPower USB Wall Charger 3-Port 30W Multi Port

RAVPower USB Wall Charger 3-Port 30W Multi Port

Equipped with fold-able pins and anti-skid grooves, this Power Travel Charger runs on 100-240V only! With its triple port option, you can charge three devices simultaneously! Thanks to the small unit, you won’t be stuck to tether with a long power cord. Whether you are a traveler or simply an employee seeking portability in power supplies, this simple wall charger is a smart choice.

Ipad Pro Air Mini, Iphone Xs, Max, Plus, Note 8, Galaxy S8, S9, and more, this all around-charger is your holy grail for charging your precious gadgets safely! This one-stop power charging solution offers multiple smart 2.0 USB ports with 5V/6A output. 

Cherry on top is its voltage functionality which keeps the output power consistent throughout the operation which of course, reduces charge time.



  • Built with High Quality Material
  • No overcharging or overheating
  • Handy and convenient
  • Works for multiple devices simultaneously


  • Maximum output is 5V/6A only
  • Not very compact

#2 – Blackweb Dual-Port USB Wall Charger with Micro USB Cable

Blackweb Dual-Port USB Wall Charger with Micro USB Cable

Chargers equipped with multiple ports offer better value, and blackweb aces the game in this department! Justifying its name, this dual port USB wall charger includes a cable with micro USB connector. To ensure safety and reduce clutter, the cable is made with double-braided ballistic aramid fiber. Not only is this multi-port wall charger is fold-able, but is extra-durable that will last you for a long time.

Weighing only 5.6 ounces, this lightweight product is considered even better than the OEM chargers! Whether you have Samsung Galaxy, a google pixel handset or iPhone, this power brick is enough to charge your gadget halfway within 30 minutes!



  • Offers Higher Amperage
  • Works as a Multi-position wall unit
  • Includes Sync & Charge Durable Cable
  • Ideal for Fast Charging


  • Little expensive

#3 – RCA WP2UWR USB Wall Plate


Powered with two USB ports for smartphones and tablets, this dual standard wall charger allows you to access the optimized power outlets. With 120V power outlet, this charger is developed for plugging household appliances and electronics. The 2.1Amp shared charging is ideal for almost all electronic gadgets. Weighing 5.6 ounces only, this wall plate offers portability and connectivity simultaneously.

Now you can enjoy high speed charging with this masterfully designed plate chargers which blend perfectly into room environments. Designed specifically for portable players, cellular phones and tablets, this white colored Max electric current device is quite reasonable price wise.



  • Includes Convenient dual standard outlet
  • Showcases a Discreet Design
  • Great for Fast Charging
  • Easy Plug N’ Play


  • May perform Slow charging for HTC phones
  • Gets heated quickly

#4 – Anker Elite Dual Port 24W USB Wall Charger

Anker Elite Dual Port 24W USB Wall Charger

Built with super-compact technology, dual USB port option and Multi-protect safety feature, Anker offers superior quality portable charger. Owing to its exclusive charging technology, this product offers high-speed charging regardless of the gadget being plugged. This hefty built wall charge weighs about 4.7 ounces which is pretty reasonable considering the benefits it offers.

The anti-smudge casing along with premium, robust components, ensure this product’s durability and design. This pure white charger comes with a fold-able plug and Power-IQ which is ideal for Samsung, iPhone and iPad. With 24 watt dual port output, Anker Elite Wall Charger also prevents short circuiting and offers temperature control.



  • Lesser charging time
  • Created with Compact Design
  • Includes Premium Internal Components
  • Compact Fold-able Plug


  • Does not support quick charge 3.0. Devices
  • Delivers only 2.4A power output per port
  • Heavier as compared to other wall chargers

#5 – iClever BoostCube 24W Dual Port USB Wall Charger

iClever BoostCube 24W Dual Port USB Wall Charger

Furnished with SmartID technology, this powerful charger by iClever allows you to plug in two devices simultaneously. The compact classic design makes it lightweight and travel-friendly. Equipped with multiple protection against over-current, over temperature and short circuiting, this product is ideal for charging iPhones and iPads.

The iClever charger works with just 100-240V input which makes it a perfect candidate for travelling around the world. Apart from all this, this device includes a light-blue LED indicator which keeps showing the battery power left in the charger. Moreover, it is certified under ETL certification which makes it an ideal electronic! With this compact plug by your side, charging your devices efficiently anywhere and everywhere is not a problem any more.



  • Features SmartID technology
  • Easily Portable
  • 30 Days free Warranty
  • Offers Fast Charging for iPhones and iPads


  • Not Compatible with iPod, Macbook, and Laptops
  • Not a rapid charger for Alexa, Samsung Galaxy/ Note, and Asus Tablets

Wrap Up

Given how we stay hooked to our electronic gadget these days, fast charging along with affordability comes forth as an important factor. When smart phone batteries keep dying on you… USB wall chargers are meant to save the day!

If you want to use your gadgets peacefully while making sure that your valuable gismo stays damage free and safe, than you have got to research before making a purchasing decision for a powerful yet affordable USB wall charger. 

We have got you covered her. Pick any of the above USB wall charger and stay connected to the digital world 24×7 by charging your devices in a jiffy.

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    I don’t recommend Craig USB wall charger! This morning at 3:20 the one I had my iPhone plugged into burnt outlet completely.
    Thank God our cat woke us up or our house would of been gone!!

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