Review – Awesome Swimsuits to Buy or just Scam Site

bestboro reviews is a new website that appeared on the internet recently. The main goal of this website is to sell women’s swimsuits especially bikinis, one-piece swimwear, cover-ups & beach bags. We have prepared review by examining the whole website and customer experiences in terms of reviews.

How Do People Know About

As we know this website claiming to sell women’s swimsuits and currently the summer season is going on, women prefer to go on the beach by wearing stylish bikinis with most comfortable cover-ups, so women’s search on the internet like best women’s swimsuits or bikini tops or best bikini bottoms and so on.

Today most hunted website on the internet is which has become the most popular-priced to order swimsuits.

Is This Trusted Website to order Swimsuits? or Scam

No, is not fully trusted because of many doubts are being found actually. Let’s discuss this in detail.

According to, the website is registered in April 2020 for a single year under a private name (owner is hidden by domain registrar) by This is very suspicious because a real business owner or a website owner does not hide the name.

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SSL certificate is very important from the security point of view. Now, the question arises, does bestboro website has a valid SSL certificate or Not?

Yes, It has an SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare. Major websites have SSL installed by Verisign, comodo, letsencrypt.

DO THEY HAVE A VALID ADDRESS OR E-mail OR Contact Number? The office address is listed on their contact us page along with the contact number. We try to validate these details but this address does not belong to bestboro’s company. Their Email address is this is only a single point of contact now and we hope it will be active.

Do They Provide Size Guide?

Yes, They have published a brief size guide with instructions on how to measure swimsuits size. The available URL is:

What Are The Payment Options Supported?

Major Credit Cards: NO (suspicious)

Paypal: Yes

The payment option is another clue to mark this website suspicious. Most scam sites such as only support PayPal payment options so this website also doing the same option.

Do They Have Account on Social Media Sites? 

No, bestboro is not available on Facebook, Instagram, twitter. It means this business is not legit. There is no social appearance and no public feedback.

What Are the People Reviews About

As we said there is no social presence and also we do not find any customer reviews on their website, but we will keep you updated on this post if we found real reviews from the customers.

bestboro’s product comparison or high prices?

High Prices: YES.

We have compared their prices on Amazon and get shocked that amazon has a very cheap price for all swimsuits varieties. For Example, If we check one-piece swimwear on they have prices like $84, $74 & $54 but on the other side, Amazon has the very best collection under $50.


We mark a suspicious website and not recommended for shopping swimsuits unless they fulfilled all the raised points by us. If you are a serious buyer we recommend shopping from Amazon only.

We would like you to share this post as much as you can to save other users being scammed. 🙂

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