Gazintee Reviews: Is It a Reliable Brand?


Do you like cute, colorful t-shirts? Do you like funky stuff? Then, Gazintee brings you something cool. It is an online website that offers good quality items for its beloved clients. You can visit their official page to find something good for your daily wear.

Gazintee is a shopping brand that not only offers clothes but some cute shoes as well. You can get the best slippers for this winter. However, the main question is, do they provide exactly what is on the website? Thus, we bring you gazintee reviews to find out if it is reliable or not.

This review includes all the website specifications, followed by the client’s comments. We will weigh the benefits and drawbacks to determine whether you should shop on this platform. 

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About Gazintee 


Gazintee brings you some casual polo shirts. They are cute printed shirts you can wear to college and even at night. This brand mainly operates in the US. This is an in-house plan and offers you some amazing quality. 

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Furthermore, Gazintee is available to you 24/7. Their main aim is to supply clothes that will help them earn clients’ trust. They claim that their products will exceed your expectations in every possible way.

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What does Gazintee offer?


You can grab the following items at this store.

Casual shirts

They bring you some amazingly printed shirts with different designs and quotes. They are available in many colors and up to 3X in size.

Fluffy Sliders

They have cute, fluffy slippers in many shapes, like bears, sharks, dogs, bunnies, and many more. They are irresistible to buy and will steal your heart. 

Gazintee Details

Let us provide you with some detailed information about the website.

  • Gazintee got registered on July 18, 2022.
  • The website will expire on July 18, 2023.
  • The website is registered under the name, LLC. 

Promotional Products

There is a certain range of t-shirts that are available on promotional sale. They have about 30% off, and you can only buy three shirts from this sale. They also have a separate offer of buy 2 get one free. Isn’t this a steal?

Address Details

Let us have a look at the address present on the website.

26 Agave, Lake Forest, CA. 

Google Maps shows this place as a marketing agency. You can see a picture of a huge house. There is a possibility that the address is authentic.

Free Shipping At Gazintee

They provide shipping times of 15 to 20 days. You will receive the parcel within this time. However, they offer free shipping across the United States. You can also track your parcel using the order number provided by the company.

Return and Refund Policy

You can return or refund your parcel within 45 days of purchase. This is unbelievable. You have a return time of more than a month. It is possible if the parcel is unused and present in its original packing. You also need to show the evidence that shows you bought it. 

However, the refund is complete or partial, depending on the damaged product. 

Price Range

Most of the items are available at unbelievable prices. Now, every shirt is available for only $14.99. Are you shocked? Yes, it is true. They are offering you clothes at a much lower price.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

The official website does not have the client’s comments, so we checked on TrustPilot. It also shows not even a single comment or rating from any buyer. It may be due to the only reason that this website is recently launched. Even Youtube lacks the presence of any client reviews.



  • Gazintee is well-managed and easily accessible
  • You can order your favorite item
  • They have quick yet free delivery
  • It has a safe HTTPS connection


  • The website has low traffic
  • There are no reviews from users
  • It has a poor ranking on the scam detector

FAQs At Gazintee


Is there any malicious activity?

No. This website is not listed in the database of malicious activity. 

What are the payment methods?

You can pay through credit/debit, PayPal, and Union Pay. 

How can you contact them?

You can reach them through the email address provided on the official website. The email is 

What are the available times?

They are present at your service for any help from Monday to Friday at the time 9:00 am to 6:00 pm BST) 

Final Words

We bring you gazintee reviews to find a cute shopping platform. It has some really cute articles and is available at some amazing deals. They also do not show any malicious activity. The website seems to be pretty safe but lacks reviews. We could not find a single comment. Thus, we would recommend you wait for some reviews before ordering.

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    • 11 months ago


    This website’s trash information that’s essentially just excusing/SUPPORTING people being SCAMMED is a joke.
    Update this pile of crap already so people don’t waste their money on gazintee’s scam crap

    • 1 year ago

    This place is a total scam. I purchased a camping backpacking chair from them, according to their “tracking” software they shipped it to El Mirage, Arizona, 1,987 miles from my shipping address provided to them. Contact with them told me that the purchase was delivered and that I need to check with the shipper (the Chinese Postal Service).

    • 2 years ago

    Totally fraud scam website don’t buy anything from there fake phone number fake address fake tracking number be careful.

    • 2 years ago

    Gazintee tires is a scam! I purchased 2 tires and they were supposed be delivered to my address in South Dakota and after about 20 days showed delivered In/At mailbox in East Peoria IL 61611.

    • 2 years ago

    This place is a FRAUD!I regret purchasing from them! I bought a chair in Sept and STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT AND HAVE DEMANDED MY MONEY AND THEY HAVE CONTINUED TO DELAY REFUNDING MY MONEY. They lie and say they are researching but it’s now NOVEMBER and they claim to still be reviewing the missing package which is BS. NOW they claim to send my Information to get it APPROVED TO REFUND MY MONEY? This is a fraud don’t believe the website! I’m still fighting for my refund!!

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