Maxine Jewelry Reviews: Why You Should Buy From Maxine?


Each piece of jewelry holds a valuable place in our lives. It is the engagement day, wedding, or any other proposal moment. The piece of jewelry is the perfect gift to mark that memorable time. But you need to get something for your loved ones that is memorable and luxurious. Each jewelry piece must show how much you care about your partner. But where to get the perfect one? Many online stores claim to offer top-notch pieces, and among them, Maxine Jewelry is a well-known store.

It is an online brand that deals with exclusive pieces in 925 silver. The jewelry in this store consists of diamond-quality stones whose shine can blind you. The cuts and the design are perfect.

But can you try any other store? Of course, you need to be careful while buying anything. In this piece, we will do Maxine jewelry reviews in great depth.

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About Maxine Jewelry

Maxine jewelry is an online brand whose physical stores are in China. So it is the China-based brands that offer their customers lovely engagement rings, wedding sets, and much more. It has a lovely collection; make one for your loved ones.

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Its design is based on emotional and natural, colorful elements that connect with the buyers. It is not a real diamond but has the same sparkle as a high-end piece. Are the design make it best it than other jewelry pieces accessible online? 

The superior craftsmanship and supreme technology make it the highest quality jewelry for buyers. Here on this website, you can get lovely pieces for both men and women. Do you want letter necklaces, wedding rings, earrings, or more? You name it, they have it. 

Trust this name to make your big day memorable. But before placing the order, it is a must to study this name in depth.

Maxine Jewelry Engagement Rings Review

They have lovely designs in 925 silver segment rates starting at 119.00 dollars, and currently, these items are on sale. They are available in various sizes, from 4 to 10. These rings are in gold, rose gold, and palladium plating. They use various carat stones but not diamonds. 

Maxine Jewelry Wedding Set Review

On this website, you can get some gorgeous wedding sets of the band for both the bride and groom. The starting price of these sets is $162. This item is also on sale. These sets are made of 925 silver with various platings. These sets are available in various carats of original stone but not diamonds.

Where Does Maxine Jewelry Ship From?

They have not mentioned anything about it. But their physical address is in China, and they charge no shipping costs to the US. So it means they ship from the US.

Why Should I Buy Maxine Jewelry?

  • It is 925 silver.
  • It has a stone that looks like a diamond.
  • The items are on sale

Maxine Jewelry Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?


Before placing any order online, it is a must to read the feedback from the buyers. So we have gathered many user reviews from various platforms, which we will discuss below.

Let us start with the official website, where you can find many great reviews from buyers. One of the buyers states that the bracelet is loved and clasps easily. She shared her views on Jul 24, 2022. One customer ordered the engagement ring as she found it amazing. She mentions that the quality is incredible. She shared her feedback on Jul 20, 2022.

Besides Maxine Jewelry, we have found some feedback from the users on the Trust pilot. This website shows the percentage of lousy reviews is greater than the good ones. One of the users states that you should beware of this firm stealing your hard-earned money! If he could give this firm 0 stars. Another user mentioned that he took the risk of purchasing from this brand and, luckily, it was the best decision (Jun 4, 2022). On May 24, another feedback stated that It did take about two weeks to get in. It did take about two weeks to get in, but wow!

Another user on the Trust Pilot states that it is a scam, not a real stone. (but on the website, they mention that it is not a real diamond). The reviews on Dec 30, 2021, stated that there was a delay in the order that needed to be delivered before Dec 25, and she is still waiting for her ring. 

On Reddit, a customer stated that she ordered the cubic zircon ring, but what she got wasn’t her order. She is still waiting for the refund. One buyer states that they have stolen the images from other sites.



  • The great designs
  • The spark that mimics the diamond
  • It is accessible in various sizes
  • It is 925 silver


  • Buyers face issues with delivery
  • There is no refund
  • Bad feedback from the users
  • High rates
  • Copied images

What is a good brand for jewelry?

There are many bad stories about Maxine Jewelry. We advise you to spend a little more and get the perfect pieces from the well-known stores. The best stores offer what they claim and have great customer service. You can buy it from Idyl or 37 jewelry.

Price Comparison

We have compared the prices of the jewelry with those of Maxine Jewelry and eBay. eBay has great reviews from users. There is a huge difference between the two; you get the same item at half the price. 


Our Maxine jewelry reviews state that this brand and its items look shabby, as they have copied the images from various sites. Their rates are high, with bad user reviews on various platforms.

    • 1 year ago

    I purchased from them and this is the return information I received:
    Maxine Jewelry
    Dear customer,
    Thank you so much for shopping with us. Please make sure the items are maintained as brand new with tags and send them back, we will issue your refund in the form of “store credit” plus $10 for what you might have to pay for shipping.
    Here is the address to send it back to:
    Room 1502, Wanhuayuanshangguanyuan, Weiyang District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China
    Phone Number: +8613571875989 Zip Code: 710018

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