What Are the Consequences of Rapid Hair Loss in Diabetes?


Are you suffering from hair loss? Have you checked your blood glucose level? If not, then do it first thing in the morning. Diabetes can lead to severe hair loss in the patient. You need to do the fasting glucose level and then a blood test to get a clear picture of the sugar level in the blood. So what are the consequences of rapid hair loss in diabetes? This article will discuss diabetes and its link with the serve hair fall.

Diabetes or a high level of glucose in the blood can damage the nerves and blood vessels. The blood vessels carry oxygenated blood around the body to feed the tissues and organs. Damaged vessels cannot deliver enough oxygen to feed the hair follicles. This absence of oxygen can impact the normal hair growth cycle.

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How diabetes affects the body

If one has diabetes, the body either does not release insulin, never uses it effectively, or both. 

How does insulin work?

The hormone insulin transports the sugar you eat from the bloodstream into the cells. It is the place where they store the sugar and then use it as energy. 

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When you don’t have insulin or the insulin is not working, sugar levels rise in the blood.

That excess amount of sugar can harm organs throughout the body, consisting of:

  • the kidney 
  • eyes 

The high sugar level in your blood can also damage the blood vessels and nerves.

The blood vessels carry oxygen to the body to nourish the tissues and our organs. Damaged vessels are unable to deliver sufficient oxygen to feed the hair follicles. Hence, the lack of oxygen alters the normal hair growth cycle.

Can diabetes cause sudden hair loss?


So, is it true that diabetes causes the serve hair fall? Are there any means to cure it? Let’s find this out.

Do you know how high blood sugars affect circulation in the scalp?

Here is the query: Does a diabetic person suffer from hair loss? Here is the answer, uncontrolled diabetes can harm the following:

  • organs
  • tissues
  • blood vessels. 

When the blood vessels get injured, the body cannot work properly and move nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. So, it damages the hair growth cycle.

So, it means diabetes can cause hair fall. There are many other questions that you need to consider.

How do you treat hair loss with diabetes?

So here comes the main query: if you suffer from the hair loss that people with diabetes suffer, how can you cure it? Are there any means to deal with hair fall? The best thing is that you can do it. 

We suggest you yo go for the Over-the-counter hair loss remedies.

Rogaine: “Diabetics can always use Rogaine to help decrease hair loss,” explained Dr. Madan. Rogaine operates by course of an “antihypertensive vasodilator medication” called “minoxidil topical aerosol” in liquid or foam form.

So, there is a treatment for hair loss, but for this, first, you need to control your blood sugar level by consulting your doctor.

What type of diabetes causes hair loss?

There are mainly two types of diabetes:

  1. The Type I
  2. The Type II

So, do both types of diabetes cause hair loss? Let us find this out in depth.

Do you know Type 2 diabetes is responsible for severe central scalp hair loss in women? Hence, people with type 2 blood sugar levels must monitor their central scalp hair loss. So, here, you need to look for the right treatment for hair loss.

Will the hair loss due to diabetes grow back?


Can you get your hair back when you have a controlled blood sugar level? So, here is the main query: does hair grow back? In the case of hair loss due to diabetes, you need to work with the following:

  • Adjust the medication
  • diet
  • modify lifestyle

Once blood sugar control is enhanced, you should notice a decrease in hair loss. Here, you will also lose some hair and regrow the ones you have lost.

Do any diabetic medications cause hair loss?

So, the last and most commonly asked question is, “Can diabetic medication cause hair loss?” There are some reports of hair loss in individuals taking metformin. It is a drug used to treat high blood sugar levels.

As a result, there is no conclusive evidence that some people have experienced hair loss after taking metformin.

The Final Verdict

Does diabetes cause hair loss? A less generally discussed impact that high blood sugar levels can have on the human body is hair loss. So, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, where the blood sugar levels stay high for extended periods, it can cause harm to the small blood vessels in your scalp, leading to weak follicles and hair fall.

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