Edzell Counter Review – Wanna Shop at Low Price or Another Fake Website?

edzell counter reviews

Edzell counter started to serve the customers to lead their customers in a satisfactory purchase. The online store is focused to enhance customer’s experience. We delved deeper down into the details of the webstore to create a valid review about the Edzell counter. Let’s read this content to evaluate if it is a legit website.

Online shopping has connected the business to customers directly. Moreover, the pandemic has boosted the online shopping trend. Whereas, to avail the quality products it is so necessary to reach the legit website.

As with the advancement of the eCommerce business, many people try to trap others using fake websites https://panjproducts.com/kandylane-website-reviews/ . However, the official branded stores are far beyond the affordability of everyone so here come the scammers, which offer the branded products at cheaper rates and fool the people.

In the competition, the Edzell counter emerged promising to deliver A+ original products. Every customer can have branded products at discounted prices. The Edzell counter indulged everything beautiful at fascinating prices. To see the confidentiality of this website and to keep our reader away from the scammers we dug into the facts, presented below. 

Is Edzell a new website? 

The Edzell counter is a newly developed online store which is dealing in a variety of hair care, skincare, fragrance, and makeup products. Adding more to it, its variety widens with the branded items including Sony, Zline, Walker Edison, Noble House, Viking, NBA, Sauder, and many more. This website is based in America and got fame very soon. 

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When it comes to hair products the website claims to use pure Shea butter mixed with coconut oil, which is the most demanding item for hair care. Besides this, home electronics are secondary famous selling of the Edzell Counter.

The webstore portrays a relatively low-price range. The company offers a thirty days return to its customers. It claims to create a perfect retail environment for its customers to put them in priority. 

People can buy products using their credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. Moreover, the website has a proper office address, email address of the company, and a telephone number for customers’ support.

Basic Specifications of the Edzell Counter

  • The website offers products for both men and women
  • It claims to offer the best hair care products, most importantly shampoo, mixed with melted shea butter and coconut oil
  • The products are easily available in-store, people can buy the products without facing any hurdle
  • Customers can approach the manufacturers using the email info@edzell-counter.mybigcommerce.com 
  • The company is US-based and head office is in Alaska St, plot 3100 S, Seattle, WA 98108, United State
  • Their contact number is 518-945-0823
  • The company offers one-day delivery within the United States and is expected five to seven business days to deliver all over the nation. For international deliveries, it takes two to five business days
  • EMS and FedEx are used for the delivery 
  • The products come in pocket-friendly range because they are seller cum manufacturers

What is the Role of mybigcommerce.com in Edzell Counter?

The Edzell counter mybigcommerce is a complete name of this famous website edzell-counter.mybigcommerce.com People often confuse this name with the bigcommerce, but this is separate from that webstore. 

Is Edzell Counter legit or a scam?

We researched the core features of the website very keenly and found no review on the website. While taking a tour to other reviews and customers’ saying we found it to be a scam because of various reasons, which we will discuss below. 

  • The website is not associated with any social platform. We found no Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter link for this shopping website. This is a major drawback
  • Some of the links, attached to the website, does not work at all 
  • It was found that the owner tried to hide a lot of information from the customers
  • Even the scam-checking website could not get enough information about this website
  • The YouTubers speak a lot about the possible scams of this website. Moreover, the internet is flooding with negative reviews of this website 
  • A business with good intentions portrays the right presence to its customers, but the Edzell Counter webstore lacks this feature and makes the site fraudulent

For these mentioned reasons, we consider this website unreliable and have doubts, certainly. It is an unworthy online store so our readers must stay away from this website. 

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying fashion flat boots from this website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like eBay. If you already bought it please share your review and help others.

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