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Cold feet might be the reason behind your sleepless nights. The easiest way to keep your feet warm is socks. There are so many good brands including Happy Socks, MeUndies, Bombas, and more. This article will review a new brand, which is claiming the delivery of good quality Jimmy Lion Socks. Give it a read to know the authenticity of  Jimmylion.com.

Many people like wearing socks because of their comfort, colors, and designs. Wearing socks in winter weather is necessary for cold feet regardless of how flamboyant your winter boot might be. By protecting your feet from the cold you prevent sickness of your whole body. Socks are a need for winter, especially for outdoor activities.

Choice of socks

If you suffer from cold feet take a look at the socks you wear. Socks come in multiple varieties, sizes, fabrics, and designs. The shape of the stocking plays an important part. A long sock is often better than the short socks that only cover the lower foot. 

About Jimmy Lion

Jimmy Lion was created by two life-long friends. The two friends left their banking profession to establish Jimmy Lion. It is set up to give an alternative to costly designer socks. Jimmy lion was founded in New York in 2014 with a clear goal to offer original, premium quality, designer socks at affordable prices.

 In past years, they have sold their socks in over 20 countries, grown to 400 multi-brands and department stores, and donated thousands of socks to people in need. It is an international company with offices in Madrid, New York, and Mexico.

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Materials used in Jimmy Lion Socks

They contain cotton, polyamide, acrylic, spandex, and elastane. These materials enhance the durability, strength, and lastingness of socks. Breathable and thick materials like cotton are specifically used to design socks that can help you keep your body warm in icy cold weather.

Jimmy Lion Socks for Men, Women, and Children

Stylish, fun, and colorful socks of more than 200 different designs are available for men, women, and kids. For men, elegant and smart colors are available. For women, the collection of various colors and designs is exceeding a limit https://panjproducts.com/floweryme-reviews/ . They have a vast collection of crazy socks for kids of all ages.

The brand offers a huge variety of patterns and it is more affordable than any brand on this list. Whether you’re looking for pineapples, adventures, travel, nature, cities, astronauts, flowers, cats, and anything else you can presume, you’ll find it.

By height, you can choose knee-high, mid-calf, ankle, and quarter socks. Their style ranges from casual to basic. As they have a large collection of colors, you can pick your favorite color. 

Personalized Pack

You can create your own pack and choose the 4 designs that you like the best. Each pair of socks are amazingly comfortable and enduring.

  •  4 pairs  10% discount
  •  6 pairs  15% discount
  • 10 pairs  20% discount

Why buy Jimmy Lion socks?

They are of extraordinary quality and last for a long time so these socks are in your drawers for years to come. The best part is the design is sewed in, not printed. These socks come in several fun colors making the winter just a little more colorful. Who said adults get to wear boring socks!

These are of fabulous value for the price so if you are looking to stay warm on a budget, these socks are for you. The fitting is really nice. They are low on budget so they are affordable. What a great gift for the icy footed people in your life!

Discount offers

  • Free shipping on all U.S orders over $40.
  • 10% off on your very first purchase. 
  • For $40, you can create your custom four-pack of Jimmy Lion socks.
  • Christmas sale! Enjoy 20% off on personalized packs.

How to wash Jimmylion Socks

Jimmy Lion socks are claimed to have longevity and good quality. But it is recommended to wash them appropriately. Use safe detergents. Never use hot water. You can use machine wash or hand wash. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Do not iron.

How to contact Jimmy Lion

Official Website: https://www.jimmylion.com/us

Email: hello@jimmylion.com

Facebook: @jimmylionnyc

Contact: (917)860-8976

Payment methods   

You can pay via Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

Change in orders

Once an order is placed by their storehouse, they are incapable of doing any corrections to quantity, sizing, or shipping address. They process orders promptly, but they’ll do their best to include any changes to your request if possible. The most reliable way to change or cancel an order is to send them an email at hello@jimmylion.com

Costumers review

When it comes to reviews and ratings, I have seen customers admiring the color, cuteness, nice fitting, lightweight, and speedy delivery. 

A user on the internet says that he is satisfied with the fitting and the color pattern but he complains that he noticed some holes after the first use.

Another user complains about the size. They are a little small than the actual size and the threads started coming out after a few uses.

Some users are pleased with the delivery arriving on time. The patterns and colors are the same as those present in websites.

A user says that color fading is observed after 3 to 4 months but that doesn’t matter due to the attraction they impart after wearing.



  • good product guarantee
  • vast variety
  • offers free and fast shipping policies
  • super cute designs


  • lasts only for 3 to 4 months
  • not an extraordinary quality
  • fading


To sum up, Jimmylion makes high-quality socks that last for a long time, very cool designs, and the patterns are fun. If you’re willing to add comfort to your feet at a fair price, I will recommend shopping in Jimmylion Socks. Like me, you will not get disappointed at all. It guarantees to make a smile on your face. So opt for jimmy lion socks instead!!

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