Sora Bra – Soft & Gentle Ice Silk Fabric 5D Shaping Amazingly Comfortable

If you have lived sixty years of your life and are tired of a saggy bust, then you need a perfect bra that lifts your bust and confidence. Once you get to know about the particulars of Sora Bra, you will book it right now. We have gathered all essential features to give you an honest Sora Bra Review.

We analyzed that women are looking for a quick and reliable solution for their drooping bust. Another problem was that they were not comfortable with the regular push-up bras. So, we found Sora Bra, making a name in the online market, as a perfect solution to the droopy and saggy breast.

Let’s delve into the features and qualities of Sora bra in this review guide. But, the introduction of the sora bra will lead rest of the content.

What is Sora Bra?

sora bra

Sora bra is specially created for women living in their sixty or above age but still want to shock the world with their sexy appearance. Keeping the aging factor in mind and the attitude of the women, this Bra has been created with a blend of silk and cotton cloth.

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It gives a free and confident feel to the one who wears it. It enjoys a convenient and easy locking feature that makes it more appealing than other regular bras. It is a united-based Bra with attractive and comfortable fitting. It is textured for the women trying to bring their level up by lifting their bust. Where it sounds interesting, it was pretty challenging for the manufacturers to introduce something for the aged women with the message “Sixty is the Sexiest”.

This proverb and their tagline was a real confidence booster that pushed the older women and told them that life is still full of fun and love even after their sixties.

The Specifications

Let’s just have a look at some basic details about Sora Bra

sora bra
  • Item Type: Unique assortment of Bra’s
  • Accessible Sizes: From Medium to 5xl
  • Material Used: Premium Cotton
  • Sort of merchandise: a high-quality cloth bra for women
  • Shaping: it provides 5D shaping
  • Color choices available: black, skin, pink
  • The substance used: iced silk
  • Closure: from the front side
  • Cost: $39.95
  • Website link:
  • Date of Domain registration: 26-06-2021
  • Domain expiry date: 26-06-2021
  • Social media Sharing: The website can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Payment details: Not available
  • Shipping policy: It takes 7 to 14 days to reach a product. The company offers expedited shipping for all customers
  • Global Ranking: 1,716,033 in past 90 days
  • Customer service: The Company offers 24×7 hours customer service

Is Sora Bra Legit? 

To answer this most wanted question, we have accumulated some facts about this product, i.e., Sora Bra. The first of all is that the owner of this product, Claudia Ruiz, has made a lot of efforts to bring this product up and change society’s thoughts. Moreover, the vision behind the manufacturing of this product is to put the age barrier behind and give older women a chance to style as they used to do at a young age.

This Bra has been designed to fit different-sized bodies, making their lives better. In previous days the inactiveness of social platforms blew the air of doubts but now you can find their facebook page as well. But… 

The site does not show enough details to trust the seller. Additionally, there are no to fewer reviews available about this product. Although many retailers were selling this item on their online store and shared their perspectives about this product, which are reasonable, we can still not trust their perspectives blindly.

After considering all these aspects, we find this product suspicious. But, we cannot give our final point without considering what customers say about it. Let’s check what people’s opinions about this item are.



  • It facilitates women of different age groups but specifically designed for those how are above sixty
  • The Bra does not have any wires
  • The straps are so comfortable and do not cause pain in the back
  • This Bra is light in weight and breathable
  • The Bra is designed to give complete support to the saggy or droopy bust of old ladies
  • It enhances confidence as it gives shape to the old aged women’s body
  • The material is soft and does not cause any rash on the skin
  • It provides a perfect fine fitting to the women’s body


  • The site is new
  • They do not have proper contact details
  • There is no return or exchange policy defined
  • They have not told about the durability of the product
  • Above all, the trust score of the site is just 2%, below than satisfactory
  • There is not any considerable review of this product

What customers say about it?

Well, the product is new in the market, and as we have already mentioned, now they are available on social platforms. So, we should wait for a little longer to see their service. The platform is booming with new and kind reviews that are increasing its worth in the market. As it is a new store so we can accept fewer reviews number.

Final Verdict

Although this product was designed with good intentions and sellers are giving positive words about this. Still, we do not trust the product completely because of a few negative signs. The Bra is getting popular day by day and getting good reviews on fb as well, so I think it will help if the potential buyers wait a little longer and look for some fruitful reviews. Or else, we would recommend trying some other bras that have a good reputation and can easily trust.  

Otherwise, if you have tried it, we would like to know your experience. Let others know about your experience of buying SORA BRA and make their lives convenient.

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