Is It Safe to Exercise When Pregnant With a Breech Baby?


Mothers usually get worried when it comes to breech babies. The breech baby can lead to cessation and reduce the chance of normal delivery. Is Exercise Safe For Pregnant Women with a breech baby? But did you know that you could change the baby’s position with some exercises? If the baby is born around 34 weeks, you should know what to do to make the infant turn its head before birth. 

The breech is the position of the infant’s head under the ribs rather than above the pelvic region.

You must start doing the exercises at thirty-four plus + weeks. You need to do this once the scan has approved the breech position.

So, many babies will turn, and some do it before birth. However, in some cases, the babies remain in the breech position. At the same time, few breech babies can be delivered vaginally. Nowadays, an elective cesarean is recommended. Here in this article, we have discussed whether it is safe to exercise when pregnant with a breech baby. What are some exercises that may help?

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What are the causes of a breech?

Is Exercise For Pregnant Women safe? Is it normal to have the breech position of the baby? If it is not, what are the causes that can cause a change in the position of the baby from the pelvic region to the rib part? The following are the main cause of the breech position in the babies

Babies are more likely to be breech if:

  • They are premature or early.
  • They are part of multiple births (2 or more babies).
  • There is an uncommon level of amniotic fluid.
  • The mother possesses an abnormally shaped uterus.

How do you reverse the breech position?


There are many means by which you can do it, like:

  1. ECV
  2. Music
  3. temperature therapy
  4. exercises
  5. Inversion and more

Does the External cephalic version (ECV) work?

ECV is one means to turn the baby from the breech position to the head-down position while the baby is still in the mom’s uterus. It consists of the doctor exerting pressure on the stomach to turn the baby’s position from outside. Sometimes, they conduct ultrasounds as well.

Many ladies who have regular pregnancies can opt for ECV. You must not have ECV :

  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • A placenta that is covering or near the opening of your uterus
  • A low level of amniotic surrounds and secure the baby.
  • There is an abnormal fetal heart.
  • There is a Premature rupture of the membranes.
  • Twins or multiples pregnancy.

It is preferable to seek out natural methods such as exercise and others.

Does exercise help babies to break through?

Why don’t you try the breech tilt?

Breech tilts are one of the most common breech-turning exercises. It allows the infant to tuck their chin (known as flexion), the initial step in flipping. One must elevate the hips between nine and twelve inches above the head to achieve the breech tilt.

Can I do squats if the baby is breech?

So here comes another query can one do the squat if the position of the baby is breech

It is best to avoid squatting to stop the breech from engaging it in the pelvic brim.

Should I walk if the baby is breech?

So, walking a minimum of twice a day during the last trimester of the pregnancy for twenty to twenty-five minutes boost the chances of turning the breech baby into its natural position. So, you can walk while the baby is in the breech position.

How should you sit to avoid having a breech baby?

  • Knees at a forty-five-degree angle.
  •  Knees below or at the level of your hips. You can see why a cramped baby might remain breeched to give it’s head more place up top.

Alternative sitting:

  1. Use the kitchen chair, but sit on the chair backward, and lean on the back. 
  2. Use the Swedish chair.
  3. Sit on a well-inflated ball.

What are the exercises to perform when the baby is in the breech position?


Exercise 1

Place a pile of pillows on your yoga mat for the hips and another for the head.

  •  First, you need to Sit on cushions and lower yourself back down so the head is helped and the hips raised a little higher than the head.
  • How does it work? It makes a downward slope or anti-gravity position that encourages an infant to move away from the pelvis.
  • Relax until the breathing settles, and remain there for five minutes.

Exercise 2

While in this position, always massage the belly (using both hands) in the order your infant can most easily turn. Ask the doctor or midwife which method is best.

  • Try this on your skin using oil and gentle pressure.
  • Talk to the baby ‘inside,’ letting him turn his head down and visualize it happening.

Exercise 3

Roll slowly over the side and change to the kneeling position, which creates a downward slope. Hence, it is taking the infant away from your pelvis.

  • Rest in this position for approximately five minutes.
  • After that come up gradually.

Is it safe to exercise when pregnant with a breech baby?

Yes, it is safe to Exercise For Pregnant Women with a breech baby. But you should consult your doctor about the exercises and precautions you need to follow. We have mentioned the top three safe exercises that might help change the baby’s position.

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