Landismarqua reviews: Is It A Reliable Clothing Brand?

Men’s dressing is also very important. It leaves a significant impact on one’s personality. It tends to boost their confidence. We live in a visually biased society. They judge people based on their appearance. You can always observe a shift in attitude while talking to people dressed up. They start getting better treatment and more importance as well. 

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Thus, to get the privilege, men should also shop carefully. They can always look at the ongoing style and admire it. Many good online stores sell classy clothes, especially for men. Here we bring you one with landismarqua reviews. Let us see if it is worth your money and time. 

About Landismarqua 

The main aim of landismarqua is to provide affordable yet classy clothes. You can now grab some good quality clothes here at Landismarqua. They offer amazingly designed T-shirts for men. You can now confidently carry them around during the summer. Furthermore, they also aim to reduce crime. 

You can trust Landismarqua, and there will be no disappointment. They have good customer service and always treat you in the right way.

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What can you buy at Landismarqua?

They have a range of shirts for daily wear only. These digitally printed shirts are available in many colors. You can now get blue, black, and many more. Every item has complete details about it. 

Unisex T-shirts

They claim that a few of their T-shirts are unisex. Such as, smile shirts are available for both men and women. Isn’t this great?

Price range

Landismarqua claims that their t-shirts are pretty cheap. You can now get from small to extra-large sizes. All of these are available for only $19.95. Isn’t this a steal? You can now get amazing quality shirts daily at much lower prices.

Contact and Address

The address provided on the website is below.

718 Old San Francisco Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

This address is fake as only a long road with an apartment building is present. Google Maps doesn’t show any warehouses at this location. 

Further contact details, including email and phone numbers, are provided on the website. 

Shipping charges

One of the most unusual things here is the “Free Shipping.” You can now order even a single shirt without paying an extra penny for the shipping. This offer is rarely available on other shopping sites. 

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Is Landismarqua legit?

It seems to be legit, but still, certain flaws are present. The about section says that they aim to reduce crime. It is not known what they are talking about here. This is something suspicious. Is this statement a copy? Are they offering low prices to reduce crime?

There can be many reasons for it.

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Does the website have a good trust score?

We checked it out on various websites to rate it. We found mixed results from different sites. Here are a few of them.

  1. The scam advisor has a value of 38/100. This is a below-average value and shows a lot of doubt present.
  2. The scam detector rates the website about 58.5/100. This is an above-average value. It shows that there are many chances for the website to be trustworthy.
  3. The scam doc rates it only 8% legit. This is something way fishier. 

As a result, deciding whether to shop here is difficult. 

Are such shirts available on other sites?

The range for selection is very low on Landismarqua. However, Amazon has a huge range of printed and plain shirts. You can now get way more designs there. The quality is claimed to be good. Some of them are even cheaper than those present on the landismarqua website. Thus, it means there are way better options outside.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied with the quality?

The official website has no reviews on it, either. Thus, we looked at other sites to find some reviews. TrustPilot also has no reviews. It shows zero ratings and comments by any buyer. Even though there is nothing about it on YouTube, it seems that it has low traffic. Not many people have shopped from their website. 



  • The HTTPS connection is valid.
  • It has a good price range.
  • There are no shipping charges.
  • They claim to offer good quality products.


  • The address provided is not correct.
  • There are no client reviews present anywhere.
  • It has a poor trust score.
  • The website was created recently and had low traffic.
  • There are many small faults present.

Final Verdict

We bring our readers the recently launched website landismarqua reviews. Overall, it seems to be a good website. However, many small drawbacks are present. Perhaps they are still working on it. There are certain risks involved in shopping at this store. We will suggest looking for yourself as well. You have many other secure options for shopping. We would recommend being aware. 

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